As a hands on electrical contractor we can help you design the most effective solar solution for your home or business.

Solar Power

Quality solar power solutions for optimised daytime energy off set with a battery ready pathway available.

Hybrid SolaR

Solar power with integrated battery storage solutions for optimised 24 hour energy off set. 


Off Grid

Intelligent solar storage systems for on-grid with back up, or complete energy independent off grid solutions.

Grid connect solar power systems


Grid connect solar systems utilse solar energy production to offset daytime energy loads, and provides the first step in harnessing the whole benefits of solar through battery ready systems.

As an accredited designer, electrical contractor and installer, we handle the whole process from point of sale to installation. Dealing directly with the electrician we guarantee a fit for purpose solution that helps you save money without skimping on quality.

Solar rebates are still available saving thousands of a solar panel system. Email, call, or purchase from our products page and start saving with solar.


Hybrid solar with battery storage


The latest technology in battery storage allows you to harness the benefits of solar energy both day and night. With smart design options you can install a battery ready system with the use of a hybrid inverter-charger, or maximise your energy savings by incorporating battery storage from the start.

Hybrid inverters include both single and three phase options for residential and small commercial applications, also allowing for emergency power supply during power outages. 

The latest LG Chem lithium battery technology provides a high quality, peak performance, long life, and great value storage solution that starts at 6.2kWh of usable capacity, and can be increased by adding extra battery modules.

Email, call or purchase from our products page to start the process of saving with solar  and battery storage today.



Energy independence with off grid solar


We design and install independent energy systems for residential back up with grid support, or complete off grid installation. 

We use and recommend the high quality and flexible design benefits of the European Schneider off grid inverter systems. This allows us to scale solutions from a small power supply for a shed, a large off grid residential home, and larger commercial applications.

Email, call or purchase from our products page to start you journey into designed independent living.

Schneider XW 8548 Inverter Charger

Schneider XW 8548 Inverter Charger

Western QLD solar installation

Western QLD solar installation